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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a positive mental attitude, you’re not too ANYTHING.  However, the minimum age is 16 with the parents consent, as there is quite a bit of adult humor and it won’t be getting scaled back.

Welcome to the club, everyone has injuries at some point in time and that’s no barrier between you and success.  Our coaches are experts at modifying every workout, every day, for everybody… it’s a big part of our philosophy.

It’s best to start with a Personal Introduction.  From there we can learn about you, you can learn about us, and together we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Yes!  We recommend everyone starts with on of our Boot Camp variations. You’ll be brought through a progression to increase your activity and improve your lifestyle.  Everyone starts and ends together.

We have two different continuation programs available: one includes access to all classes (including weightlifting); and one includes access where weights are not utilized – “InFuse”.

Our Barbell 101 course will give you the knowledge and confidence to lift weights like a “pro, not a bro!” It’s meant to take complete beginners and advanced lifters to the next level.

When you walk in the door, there will be a coach waiting to start your class.  They’ll ensure you and the rest of the class warm-up properly, take you through a results driven workout, and help you cool down.

All classes are typically 1-hour in length and classes start between 5:00am and 8:00pm.  For up-to-date class information, please visit our Class Calendar tab.

  1. Boot Camp: For the beginner and open to Boot Camp program participants only
  2. InFuse: No barbells, just bodyweight, cardio, and maybe medicine balls or kettle-bells 
  3. CrossFit: Weightlifting + Cardio + Bodyweight movements = RESULTS
  4. Olympic Weightlifting: High volume weightlifting helping beginners and experts get better

In order to ensure you get the best experience, we cap every class. But we provide an easy phone app for you to sign up within 48 hours of the class starting. You can attend multiple classes in a day.

The average coach at CrossFit Ursa has been transforming lives just like yours for over 3 years.  And with over 6,000 hours of class instruction, they’ve seen it all and are fully prepared to help nearly anyone. Certifications are a dime-a-dozen. You’re about to be surrounded by one of the most experienced coaching staffs in Minnesota.

Your workout will be modified everyday to fit you best! And here’s a dirty little secret … most people can’t do a push-up or pull-up … but we’ll make it possible for you!

This all depends on your employer and insurance provider, but we’re happy to provide any documentation needed.

Yes! To apply please click here.

Perfect! Give us a call at 763-208-1676. Or text 612-584-1676